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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"The Magic" in Thirteen Volume One

"The Magic" in Thirteen Volume One

Oh something wicked this way comes ….
I love cursed objects as a plot vehicle in film and comics
 Like the evil videotapes in Ringu or the Videodrome or Some dark gift offered by a Chinese puzzle box . They don't just corrupt the user of they invite a satanic realm into our own.
The victim becomes a conduit of evil a portal to the obscene underworld of wretchedness.  

So I heard about this one little two page story in a Horror anthology that somehow plays a Jedi mind trick on the reader.  I have heard about people going to church after reading this one story. 
 The first story in the book

I am afraid to read it for a few reasons the first being the infamous clover field syndrome right now I have the Godzilla of literary darkness in my mind. That could turn into an over sized sea monkey if the legend is all just hype. 
The other as absurd as it maybe the story is actually “toxic media” somehow containing a hypnotic suggestion of dread that builds to a panic in the subconscious causing a freak out of sheer white hot terror. Like a paranormal terror weapon. Manchurian candidates who stare at goats weird and evil. 

It could be like "Guts" by Chuck Palahniuk
a combination of participation and novelty?
unpleasant experience that has made people fall over unconscious?
is it just online hype?
it looks like one country has banned it to protect their people from this weird menace. if this video is to be believed ....

This would not be the first time this has happened if true   The song Gloomy Sunday has an infamous reputation and was also banned in various parts of the world during the height of the Songs popularity .authorities believed the weird ethereal tune drove people to deaths. even Instrumental versions were banned  

 i will have to read it for myself at some point i am worried i may get a malformed pollywog instead of the king of monsters but we will see......

this also reminds me of the the Cow Head story 



  2. I figured this was more viral marketing then anything. I wondered about the subtitles myself. I had some supernatural experiences as a child, most likely could lucid dreams but I am superstitious enough to decided against doing the instructions in the story. The folklore about the devil not going where he is uninvited etc. I wussed out. Lol

  3. I have another (I am sure fake) but interesting thing I will blog about soon
    very well done photos some of them , some are thought to be real other like the giants I doubt it