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Monday, May 9, 2011

Harry Anderson (1906 - 1996)

Here is an artist I had to research when I saw his painting of a Godzilla sized Jesus about smash the united nations building! He was an amazing realistic painter. 


  1. He's not trying to smash the building; He's trying to get the attention of the general assembly inside. He's trying to focus their attention on where it needs to be.

    In fact, man has always tried to govern themselves (without God’s involvement) throughout history and has failed at every single attempt! In fact our own United States, at its tender young age, had God’s involvement in every aspect of government affairs. The United States was in fact ordained by God in the beginning. We became the single most powerful country in the world in less then 200 years while the rest of the civilized world is literally thousands of years old. It’s no wonder that now our great nation is not so great anymore and economic collapse is eminent. It’s because they want to take Him out of everything.

    Just a few brush strokes for thought. . .

  2. I bet he is taller than Ultra man!