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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Shadow People

of all the paranormal things that go bump in the night……. there’s only one I lose sleep over.
I had an experience that other people may chalk up to a Hypnagogic phantasm or a Lucid Dream.  Something I have never ruled out myself.  

I was awakened by the sound of my dog growling on top of my bed at 3 am when I was around 17 years old in Yuma Arizona late summer. 

I saw near my ceiling two almonds shaped lights descending until they are 3 inches from my face. I stared at them in terror.  Each was around 5 inches across each pupil was a jelly like ball containing two small points of light. There were no veins or blood vessels connected to the ball that floated in the cat shaped eye.

The dog jumped off the bed and scrambled under it. This distracted the thing as it turned away to see what the dog was doing the green reflected on the wall behind it revealed its form.  (See illustration above) 

I turned away from it and pretend to be asleep. I could hear claws snagging on the carpet.
 It was absurd but I was terrified.  I had a knife on the nightstand. Suddenly the image of a black 3 fingered claw already resting on the knife popped into my head.  It could read my mind. 

 The dogs hide under the bed and growled off and on.  The temperature dropped to an icy chill. It was august in Yuma Arizona.  I opened my eyes and saw my own shadow cast in an eerie green light on the wall. It was back to staring at me. I shut my eyes for a long time. At some point I opened them and the wall was bathed in an orange pink light

I realized it was dawn and bolted from the room with the dog close behind. I assumed it was like a vampire 

(incorrectly ) and had no power in daylight. 

The house was haunted by weird” lights” and shadows with no logical origin that were seen by past residents and my family. When I was at school one day my father heard the sound of monks chanting coming from my room. 

He looked around for my cassette player and found that it was off. The music was coming from my closet.  It had changed to primal moans, grunts, and screams. He opened the door and it stopped. 
For years I thought I was the only one that saw this particular being. I thought it was something unique to that one particular house if was not some sort of dream. 

 My two younger sisters and two of their friends had a sleep over one night. They all woke up around 3am because of my younger sisters screams. She saw the Hat man.

silhouette of a man in an old fashion top   standing right outside their window. he was oddly hunched "like he was carrying heavy suitcases" my sister said.

 The man started spinning in place. He spun faster and faster than vanished. All the furniture in the room including the beds they had been sleeping on was moved up against the bed room door. 

Years later when I started searching the internet I found the same beings appearing all over North America and the world.
they are described in 100 year old news paper accounts.  

if you have folklore , urban legends or
personal experiences please share

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