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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sketch book experiment.

I will be posting some random monsters and other weird things from my sketch books.


I have also begun a sketch book experiment. 

I think of myself more now as a cartoonist than an artist, I think what I really want to do is tell stories. That’s doesn't mean my style will be cartoony. It means my art is going to tell a story there for it’s not meant to be fine art. I want to tell stories. 

 So I have stopped randomly doodling to a point; I am now starting random and then working the subject matter into a comic strip format. So I end up with short surreal stream of consciousness comic strips. 

Now I have sketch books that can only contain comics.  
 Life drawing and the comic book bubble construction have finally merged in my psyche because they both use the same anatomical landmarks.

I think I have developed a good system for modeling form now mentally. Imagining the object in space and solid when drawing it used to be harder.

I will share some of those as they progress.

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